In a Present Distance

DV, Digital Beta and DVD, Stereo, 2006

26 minutes

Producer/Creator/Writer: Tracy German

Funding: Ontario Arts Council

Genre: Experimental/Documentary

Original Music Score: Jean Martin

Sound Design: Jean Martin, Greg Chase, Tracy German

Mix: Greg Chase

With Development and Production funding provided by:

In a Present Distance… explores the complex terrain of motherhood, through an experimental narrative about a woman/filmmaker, who travels by train to Quebec City to do research on a film that she is making (March 2005). While on the train, fragments of her life emerge and speak subtly and sublimely to the journey of life: of grieving and loss, of happiness and sadness as well as the joyful and reverent gestures of living. At the heart of this film is the woman/filmmaker’s child, shown at various times and spaces in his development as he explores the world around him. It is through him and his growth and discovery that we are lead through a palimpsest of love and a woman’s transformation, to a non-linear awareness of time through the claiming of the past, present and future.