Producer-Director: Tracy German
Associate-Producer: Lawrence Cotton
Post Sound Editor: Alex Bullickn
Cinematography & Effects: Capture Scratch

With Development and Production funding provided by:

“IGGSTOCK” is the story of a group of small town Canadians too young to go to Woodstock who decide to grow their own music festival. This 76min. documentary traces the genesis and evolution of “IGGSTOCK”s key founders, performers and artists, tracing the 25year history of this remote Ontario music festival back to a simpler time and space, a manifestation of the ‘back to the land’ Hippie movement.

Framed within a scrapbook aesthetic, employing archival footage, original music, interviews, photographs and graphic animation, this documentary steps into parallel world populated by its own stars and groupies, lacks and excesses, to offer a unique glimpse into a Canadian counter cultural community and the festival’s living musical legacy…

Featuring the music of; Blue Peter, Tanglefoot, Grainne Ryan, The Dwight’s, Three Days Grace, My Darkest Days, Willis, Kim Brown, Ramblin’ Hillbillies and many more… …