Tracy German

Tracy has a broad background in film and video production, installation, film art exhibition and teaching. Her career encompasses seventeen years of project creation, motion picture broadcast and festival exhibition, photography, installation, mixed media, painting, sculpture, sound and digital video technologies.

Tracy has been directly involved in research, writing, pre-production, production, art-directing, directing, producing, cinematography and editing both narrative, non-fiction documentary & experimental films, as well as interdisciplinary new media installations.

Tracy holds an M.F.A. from York University in film production and a Media Arts diploma from Sheridan College. She currently teaches in the Media Arts and Media Fundamentals program at Sheridan College.

Tracy's work is firmly situated within a feminist avant-garde ideology and aesthetic which champion’s process through its production, and which challenges clear definitions and categories. Her films have won international and local awards, as well as the critical recognition of her peers.